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  Black Snapper Sashimi
6 pieces Seared Sliced Black Snapper
  Sweet Shrimp Sushi
Fresh Sweet shrimp (2 pcs)
  Bluefin Toro Sushi
Fresh Bluefin Tuna Belly (2 pcs)
  Bluefin Toro Sashimi
4 pieces Fresh Sliced Bluefin Tuna Belly
  Maine Lobster Roll
Baked maine lobster, avocado, smelt egg, ...
  Japanese Jack Mackerel (Aji) Sushi
Fresh wild caught Japanese Jack Mackerel(2 pcs)
  Japanese Jack Mackerel (Aji) Sashimi
6 pieces Fresh Sliced wild caught Japanese Jack Mackerel
  Salmon Paradise
Sushi rice wrap with fresh Salmon put on top with...
  Blue Crab Sushi
Cooked real Blue Crab on top of Sushi Rice (2 pcs)
  Black Snapper Sushi
Fresh Seared Japanese Tai (2 pcs)
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